Student marketing and recruitment privacy notice

Insearch Limited (UTS Insearch) collects, stores and uses personal information to engage with its customers and future students, for the purpose of carrying out its business activities including recruiting students.

The personal information we collect may include your contact details, nationality, country of residence, date of birth, study status and study interests.

UTS Insearch may also collect personal information via UTS, where enquiries UTS receives relate to UTS Insearch courses.  Similarly, where you submit an enquiry to UTS Insearch that relates to a UTS course, your personal information will be provided to UTS.  Please refer to the UTS Student marketing and recruitment notice for further details.

UTS Insearch and UTS may collect personal information directly from you, or via a UTS Insearch or UTS authorised education agent, who may also contact you on our behalf to help you with your enquiry.

If you provide your personal information

Providing your personal information to UTS Insearch is voluntary and enables us to provide certain services to you.  If you provide your personal information to UTS Insearch, we may:

  • use the details you provide, including your nominated email address, to send you information, blogs or surveys about UTS Insearch including its course offerings, services, activities, facilities, benefits, news and events. The details will also be used to develop and assess the effectiveness of UTS Insearch’s marketing strategies and events, and to review associated enrolment trends over time.
  • use the details you provide for student recruitment and marketing purposes.  UTS Insearch uses a range of standard social media and digital marketing tools.  We may disclose your personal information to digital marketing companies, which may be based overseas (e.g. by providing your email address to Facebook in the USA) for the purpose of advertising UTS Insearch’s course offerings and services to individuals who have similar online behaviour. We may also disclose your personal information to digital marketing companies that conduct surveys on our behalf.
  • not disclose your information unless required or permitted by law.
  • may collect and store your information securely in a customer relationship management (CRM) system maintained by an authorised education agent on behalf of UTS Insearch.  UTS Insearch will take reasonable steps to ensure the information provided remains secure.
  • retain your information to satisfy the above purposes and UTS Insearch’s legal obligations to retain records.

Access and correction

You are responsible for ensuring the information you provide to UTS Insearch and UTS is correct and up to date.  If you would like to:

  • access or correct personal information held by UTS Insearch;
  • lodge a complaint about a breach of your privacy; or
  • raise any concerns about your privacy at UTS Insearch,

you can contact at any time.  Please refer to the UTS Insearch Privacy Policy for further details

You can access or correct personal information held by UTS at any time by contacting  

If you wish to unsubscribe from specific types of communications, or from communications as a whole that are sent to you via the CRM system, use the unsubscribe link in any of the email communications you have received from UTS Insearch or send your request to
Note that this will not unsubscribe you from other communications from UTS Insearch where you have provided your information separately for other purposes.

UTS Insearch digital marketing

Separate to direct subscription with UTS Insearch, as noted above, we run targeted digital marketing campaigns based on online behaviour.  When unsubscribing from direct marketing activities, you may still receive UTS Insearch advertising through use of cookies or by other automated means.  Please refer to the ‘Web statistics and cookies’ section in our Website privacy notice.

About privacy at UTS Insearch

For further information about privacy, see Privacy

The UTS Insearch registered office is at Level 9, 187 Thomas Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.  Telephone: +61 (0)2 9218 8600.

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